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Traditional handmade savory British pies, made fresh, daily in Savannah, GA.
Come along and try our specialty meat pies, quiches, pasties and delicious sweet desserts

‘deliciously filling, with rich pastry wrapped around the tender meat and flavorful gravy’.

– Bill Dawers Savannah Morning News

‘…enough to have even the staunchest Southerner speaking with a Cockney accent’.

– Jessica Leigh Lesbos Connect Savannah

‘…the results are so tasty you may find yourself tussling with your mate for the last bite!’

– Cheryl Baisden Solis Connect Savannah


‘It is incredibly delicious and I fight the urge to let my eyes roll back into my head.  British food gets a bad rap for being bland; this is far from the case at Pie Society.’

– Jessica Eat It and Like It


‘…some of the most authentic British pies available in the States.’

– Taylor Kigar

‘Pie Society, a traditional British bakery, draws crowds with its wide selection of made-from-scratch quiches and pies.’

– Gabe Saglie ABC News


‘…there’s absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives in Ed’s treats…’

– Helen Donahue BBC America