Pie Society | Traditional handmade savory British pies. Made fresh, daily in Savannah, GA. Come along and try our specialty meat pies, quiches, pasties and delicious sweet desserts.


    An authentic British Bakery set in Pooler, GA. Pie Society specializes in hand-made British meat pies. Dating back to medieval times, the British meat pie is a traditional favorite in the UK. Here at Pie Society we make a wide range of chicken, beef and vegetarian pies. Some of our favorites include Chicken & Thyme, Steak & Ale and Steak & Kidney, all hand-made using our own special recipe pastry.

    And we’re not just about pies! As a Bakery we bake our own bread fresh in the oven every morning. You can also choose from our wide selection of hand-made quiches, bakes, pasties, family desserts and small cakes.


    We strive to make our products as tasty as possible. That means no artificial ingredients- everything is fresh! Using better quality ingredients helps us to create better quality food, and happy customers who keep coming back.

    Having one of those days where you just don’t feel like cooking? Pie Society can help. Pick up a pie for the family, reheat it in the oven yourself and serve it up before they arrive home hungry. Alternatively call at least two hours ahead and we can have a hot pie ready for you to take straight home.

    Order in advance to avoid disappointment, we make everything fresh daily so we often sell out! For large orders please call a day in advance so that we can ensure everything is ready for your collection. Having a dinner party? You can even drop in with your own dish and your order and we’ll have it ready for you the next day- your secret’s safe with us!

    Try something different this week. Have a slice of Pie Society.


    Pie Society is a family run business, founded in January 2013. Edward the Baker and his mom Gill moved to Savannah to get away from the rainy English weather, and to live out Ed’s dream of opening his own bakery here in the US.

    Ed worked in a traditional bakery in Staffordshire, England from the age of 14. At age 18, whilst working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Geography, he tried his hand as a fishmonger and a butcher, skills which gave him a passion for using the freshest ingredients in his cooking. After finishing university Ed returned to his passion and trained as a baker, gaining the expertise to make the authentic British bread, pies and desserts that he now sells in his shop in Pooler!

    As a previous business owner Gillian successfully ran two children’s clothing stores back in Staffordshire before she moved on to pie making! With extensive experience in sales and marketing, Gillian is the business side of Pie Society and has the knowledge and motivation to see it succeed.

Everything Made Fresh Daily | Call ahead to check availability with larger orders. To view the available products in our Savannah Location please click the 'City Market' tab on the menu below. Keep up with our latest specials on our Facebook page!

Cooking Guidlines Only: Most products can be frozen, thoroughly defrost before cooking. Ensure product is piping hot before serving! Small 375⁰F - 15-20 minutes Regular 375⁰F - 25-30 minutes Large 400⁰F - 30-35 minutes

  • still-baking

    Chicken Curry Pasty

  • still-baking

    Beef & Blue Cheese Pasty

  • still-baking

    Hot Fruit Pie & Custard

  • still-baking

    Fruit Scone

  • still-baking

    Teacake with Butter & Jam

  • still-baking

    Spinache & Tomato Quiche

  • still-baking

    Bell Pepper & Mushroom Quiche

  • still-baking

    Ham, Egg & Cheese Pasty

  • still-baking

    Sausage, Egg & Cheese Pasty

  • vegetable quiche

    Vegetable Quiche

  • steak & potatoe

    Steak & Potato Pie

  • steak and ale

    Steak & Mushroom Pie

  • steak&ale

    Steak & Ale Pie

  • beef and onion pie

    Beef & Onion Pie

  • pie society (8 of 18)

    Chicken & Thyme Pie

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.13.31 PM

    Vegetable Pie

  • Regular cottage pie

    Regular Cottage Pie

  • large cottage pie

    Large Cottage Pie

  • regular lasagne

    Regular Meat Lasagne

  • large lasagne

    Large Meat Lasagne

  • veg lasange

    Regular Vegetable Lasagne

  • veg lasagne

    Large Vegetable Lasagne

  • cheese onion and potatoe bake

    Cheese, Onion & Potato Bake

  • reg cauli and broc bake

    Cauliflower & Broccoli Bake

  • mini quiches

    Mini Quiches

  • ham and tomato quiche

    Ham & Tomato Quiche

  • cheese & onion

    Cheese & Onion Quiche

  • ham and cheese

    Ham & Cheese Quiche

  • ham pepper mush

    Ham & Mushroom Quiche

  • cuisine1-1

    Cornish Pasty

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.12.44 PM

    Mixed Pepper Pasty

  • cheese onion and potato pasty

    Cheese, Onion & Potato Pasty

  • Vegetable pasty

    Vegetable Pasty

  • pork pie

    Pork Pie

  • pork pie

    Pork & Apple Pie

  • sosauge rolls

    Sausage Rolls

  • sausage and cheese

    Sausage & Cheese Rolls

  • suasage and apple

    Sausage & Apple Rolls

  • ham and cheese pasty

    Ham & Cheese Pasty

  • loaves of english bread

    Loaves Of English Bread

  • mixed berry

    Apple & Mixed Berry Pie

  • english bread rolls

    English Bread Rolls

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.15.29 PM


  • Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.05.49 PM

    Apple Pie

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.09.32 PM

    Apple & Mixed Berry Crum

  • apple crumble

    Apple Crumble

Reaching Out | Don't flake out on the opportunity to taste traditional British food. As Savannah Heats up so do our pies! And here at the Pie Society we are keen to keep you reaching out for more. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue cooking up a storm.


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    Fall Pie Slices (1)

    They’re back! Pumpkin and Pecan are back on our extensive menu of handmade pies, alongside many other delicious new treats to try.

    Our Pumpkin Pie is 100% made from scratch. We roast our own pumpkins early in the morning to make the filling and layer it over a casing of our secret recipe pastry. Baked in the oven and served with a swirl of fresh, unsweetened whipped cream. Delicious! But don’t take our word for it… try it yourself. Pumpkin Pie will be on the menu until Thanksgiving alongside our deliciously sweet and syrupy Pecan Pie. Stop by one of our stores for a slice or pick up a treat for the family. We recommend you place an order the day before as these delicious desserts sell out daily!

    Pumpkins (1)

    October’s Pie of the Month is the return of the English special: Lamb, Mint & Mushy Peas. Nothing like your conventional Chicken Pot Pie, this particular flavor may have our British customers salivating and our American customers scratching their heads. But don’t knock it ’till you try it! Ground lamb in a delicious mint gravy is topped with a layer of mushy peas and lidded with pastry. Our twist on an English favorite of Roast lamb and mint sauce with peas.

    Also check out other yummy additions to the menu:

    Marble Chocolate Brownie: Swirls of dark and white chocolate brownie baked to perfection.

    Cherry Surprise: Cocounut & cherries over a layer of chocolate.

    Fruit Slice: A mincemeat pie you can enjoy all year round! Dried raisins and sultanas encased in sweet pastry.

    Cherry Pie & Blueberry Pie: By popular demand. These are made with REAL cherries and blueberries! Two new flavors to go alongside the traditional Apple and Apple Mixed Berry Pies.


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    In just under two weeks time Pie Society will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! On February 26th 2013 we first opened our doors and it has been an incredible year for us all. We have received a huge amount of support from our customers and we would all like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you.

    Wednesday February 26th we shall be celebrating our Anniversary in our shop in Pooler from 4-7pm. There will be lots of delicious free samples of exclusive flavors of pies, quiches, pasties, breads and desserts you’ve never tried before! You can vote for your favorite pie to become March’s ‘Pie of the Month’, and give us your feedback on our other yummy offerings to add to our Spring Menu.

    We are also holding a competition to win a $100 hamper of Pie Society goodies! You can enter the competition here, just provide your name and email address. There will also be the opportunity to enter at the event.

    We hope very much to see you all there!

    The Pie Society Team



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    1545767_631488563555705_2068265999_n[1]Introducing our brand new Chilli Cheese Pie! Our special recipe beef chilli topped with cheddar cheese and encased in delicious pastry. We’ve been having some arguments with our American staff over the spelling of ‘chilli/chili’ but so far it’s definitely a hit!

    Many of you will also be pleased to learn that the Chicken Curry pie is back on the menu and here to stay. Tender chicken breast in a mild tomato based curry with yummy red peppers and lots of garlic. The Chicken Curry was our first Pie of the Month back in October and made an appearance again last month. It has been so popular with our customers that we’re adding it to our menu.

    We’ll be announcing news of a special event which will be coming up at the end of the month so watch this space!

Address 115 Canal Street (Suite #601) Pooler, GA 31322
Telephone (912) 856-4785
Email // hello@thebritishpiecompany.com

• From Savannah take the I-16 W for 8 miles.

• Take exit 157B and merge onto I-95 N towards Airport

• Take Exit 104 and turn left onto Airways Ave

• Continue for 1 mile onto Pooler Parkway

• Turn left onto Park Avenue and then your first right onto Canal Street




7:00am- 5:00pm
Address 19 Jefferson St, Savannah GA 31405
Telephone (912) 238-1144
Email // hello@thebritishpiecompany.com

• Head east on I-16 toward Exit 162. Take exit the left toward E/Montgomery St / Dowtown

• Take exit 167 on left for Montgomery St / Civic Center.

• Merge onto Montogomery St and after 0.4 turn right onto W.Congress.

• After 312 ft take a left onto Jefferson St.

• After 240 ft you will reach the Pie Society.







8:00am- 5:00pm

Please, write your name. Please, insert your e-mail address. Please, leave a message.