Pie Society: USA

Pie Society: USA

What’s better than a new Pie Society store? Pie Society everywhere! Online ordering and shipping is now available for all US continental states, and we’re sending pies straight to your front door!

It’s taken a long time for us to get to this stage, as shipping was a totally new territory for us. For the past couple of months we have been trialing our shipping process and working with some brilliant customers from many different states to perfect our operation. Shipping pies is very different to selling pies in the store, and it has certainly been a learning curve for us (it added to the challenge that we’re located in Georgia and are shipping frozen food during a very hot summer!). A HUGE thank you to everyone who ordered so far and gave us such helpful feedback.

All our products are sent out frozen, so all you need to do it pop them in the freezer and you can eat pie whenever you want to! We send out shipments Monday-Wednesday, to make sure that they are received in the same calendar week and get to you as fast as possible in the best condition possible. For example, if you’re ordering from California, or anywhere where shipping is 4 days, your order will be sent out the next Monday after you place your order. We’ve created a map to give you an estimation of how quickly your shipment will arrive. Your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout based on where you live and how much you order.

Just head to www.thebritishpiecompany.com/order and start ordering! If you have any questions about placing an order, you can email us at shipping@thebritishpiecompany.com


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