Specializing in hand-made meat pies made the proper way, with chunks of meat and veggies in rich gravies, ‘Pie Society’ brings traditional British baking to Savannah, GA. Savory pies are a familiar favorite in the UK, and at Pie Society we have a wide range of chicken, beef and vegetarian pies, quiches, pasties and bakes.


But we’re not just about pies! We bake our own bread and scones fresh from the oven every morning, and we also make a wide selection of UK and American desserts, sweet pies and cakes.

We strive to make our products as tasty as possible. That means no artificial ingredients- everything is fresh! Using better quality ingredients helps us to create better quality food, and happy customers who keep coming back.


Having one of those days where you just don’t feel like cooking? Pie Society can help. Pick up a pie for the family, reheat it in the oven yourself and serve it up before they arrive home hungry.


We make everything fresh daily so we often sell out by the end of the day. We recommend calling ahead to place an order to avoid disappointment. For large orders please call a day in advance so that we can ensure everything is ready for your collection. Having a dinner party? You can even drop in with your own dish and your order and we’ll have it ready for you the next day- your secret’s safe with us!

The British Pie Company was founded in 2013 by mother-son duo Gill and Edward Wagstaff, from Staffordshire, England. Ed worked in an established British bakery from the age of 14. At 18, whilst working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Geography, he tried his hand as a fishmonger and a butcher; skills which gave him a passion for using the freshest ingredients in his cooking. After finishing university Ed returned to his passion and trained as a baker, gaining the expertise to make the authentic British bread, pies and desserts that he now sells in the shop. A previous business owner and mother of four, Gillian successfully ran two children’s clothing stores back in Staffordshire before she moved on to pie making. With extensive experience in sales and marketing, Gillian handles the business side of the company and has the knowledge and motivation to see it succeed.


The idea to use Edward’s skills and open a British Pie Shop stateside originally came from Edward’s sister Emma, who has lived in the Savannah area for 8 years. She emigrated with British engineering company JCB in 2006 and has been here ever since. Edward had always dreamed of opening his own bakery and Emma suggested that a British style meat pie would be a new and interesting concept for Savannah, fitting in perfectly with the British heritage of the city. So, on February 1st 2013, Edward and Gill moved to the US and opened their first store ‘Pie Society’. The pair worked tirelessly seven days a week for several months, with Ed starting work at 2am to hand-make and bake everything himself, and Gill running the shop. They soon gained a reputation for serving deliciously authentic British food to local British expats and curious Savannahians in the area. ‘Pie Society’ was a huge success. So much so, that the demand for a second store with a more central location came quickly.


In October, Gill, Emma & Ed were joined by the youngest Wagstaff sibling Melissa, who had just finished university and had previously trained at the same bakery in England as Edward. In July 2014 they opened their second location in City Market in Downtown Savannah.


Although the business has grown rapidly, not much has changed from those first few months for Ed and Gill. Edward continues to bake everything himself, with a small team, six days a week. Melissa manages the store in Downtown Savannah and handles the company marketing. The British Pie Company is currently branching out into the wholesale market, and distributes frozen pies, sausage rolls and other hand-made goods to several British and South African stores and restaurants along the East Coast.


Our journey has been an exciting one, and we have many more ideas for the future of our company. Catchup with our current projects right here!