Without a doubt, the dessert that gets the most ooh’s and aah’s from our customers is the Victoria Sponge Cake. A highly traditional cake that is iconic to British baking, the Victoria Sponge is famed for being extremely light, yet still deliciously indulgent with the combination of sweet raspberries, rich unsweetened cream and buttery sponge. Highly different to many American-styled cakes which favor a richly sweet icing, the Victoria Sponge always incurs sighs of satisfaction from our customers and has been a staple addition to British baking for over a hundred years.

The favorite cake of Queen Victoria I (1819-1901) which resulted in it’s being named after her. The Queen enjoyed a slice of sponge cake with her Afternoon Tea, a phenomenon that became popular late in the 19th century. Due to the nature of eating dinner late in the evening, people were left feeling hungry during the long gap between lunch and dinner. The invention of Afternoon Tea is credited to Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford (1783-1857), who introduced a meal of tea and cakes or sandwiches to her household and frequently invited her friends to join her. One of whom was Queen Victoria herself who quickly adopted it to the royal house for formally dressed parties of aristocratic ladies.

A Victoria Sponge Cake is made with two layers of sponge cake sandwiching raspberry jam and double cream. There are many variations however, with some recipes calling for buttercream or vanilla cream, some using strawberry jam with fresh strawberries and some sprinkling caster sugar over the top instead of powdered sugar. In Queen Victoria’s day the cake likely was made without the cream at all and just layered sponge cake and jam with a sprinkling of caster sugar. The cake also has many variations of name, often being called a Victoria Sandwich or just a Sponge Cake.

Most recently the Victoria Sponge had been made even more popular by being featured on The Great British Bake Off as one of Mary Berry’s decadent creations. As ever, you can grab a slice or order a whole cake at Pie Society in Savannah and Pooler GA! We’re also very excited to announce that the cake fit for a queen is now available for shipping, with our ‘Build your own Victoria Sponge Cake’, complete with our traditional recipe sponge, two piping bags full of fresh cream and raspberry jam, and a mini shaker of powdered sugar. Go to

Fall Pie Slices (1)

They’re back! Pumpkin and Pecan are back on our extensive menu of handmade pies, alongside many other delicious new treats to try.

Our Pumpkin Pie is 100% made from scratch. We roast our own pumpkins early in the morning to make the filling and layer it over a casing of our secret recipe pastry. Baked in the oven and served with a swirl of fresh, unsweetened whipped cream. Delicious! But don’t take our word for it… try it yourself. Pumpkin Pie will be on the menu until Thanksgiving alongside our deliciously sweet and syrupy Pecan Pie. Stop by one of our stores for a slice or pick up a treat for the family. We recommend you place an order the day before as these delicious desserts sell out daily!

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October’s Pie of the Month is the return of the English special: Lamb, Mint & Mushy Peas. Nothing like your conventional Chicken Pot Pie, this particular flavor may have our British customers salivating and our American customers scratching their heads. But don’t knock it ’till you try it! Ground lamb in a delicious mint gravy is topped with a layer of mushy peas and lidded with pastry. Our twist on an English favorite of Roast lamb and mint sauce with peas.

Also check out other yummy additions to the menu:

Marble Chocolate Brownie: Swirls of dark and white chocolate brownie baked to perfection.

Cherry Surprise: Cocounut & cherries over a layer of chocolate.

Fruit Slice: A mincemeat pie you can enjoy all year round! Dried raisins and sultanas encased in sweet pastry.

Cherry Pie & Blueberry Pie: By popular demand. These are made with REAL cherries and blueberries! Two new flavors to go alongside the traditional Apple and Apple Mixed Berry Pies.

1545767_631488563555705_2068265999_n[1]Introducing our brand new Chilli Cheese Pie! Our special recipe beef chilli topped with cheddar cheese and encased in delicious pastry. We’ve been having some arguments with our American staff over the spelling of ‘chilli/chili’ but so far it’s definitely a hit!

Many of you will also be pleased to learn that the Chicken Curry pie is back on the menu and here to stay. Tender chicken breast in a mild tomato based curry with yummy red peppers and lots of garlic. The Chicken Curry was our first Pie of the Month back in October and made an appearance again last month. It has been so popular with our customers that we’re adding it to our menu.

We’ll be announcing news of a special event which will be coming up at the end of the month so watch this space!